Counseling Process

The counseling process is basically one of discipleship.  The process involves an initial assessment, then a brief history is taken to get acquainted and to enable the discipler to personalize the process to the person being discipled.  There is usually a test given called the Taylor Johnson Temperament Analysis Test.  This test is a helpful tool to assist in personalizing the process to the counselee.

Some diagrams are shared which help to summarize quite a lot of applicable Scriptures in an abbreviated format, thus enabling the counselee to see the “big picture” with regard to what the real problem is from a spiritual standpoint.  Once the problem is seen in light of the Word of God, then the answers will hopefully be made a little more comprehensible with regard to the symptoms being experienced by the counselee in his or her current situation.

Other parts of the counseling process involve discussions with regard to Lordship or total commitment/surrender, personal concepts of God  (His identity), forgiveness (both giving and receiving), and the believer’s true identity in Christ.  The overall goal is to lead the believer into victory so that he or she can have experientially the victorious Christian life that has always been theirs, positionally, since they first received Christ as their savior.  This many times will result in enabling believers to achieve victory over some of the symptoms they may be experiencing, such as depression, anxiety, phobias, besetting sins, and obsessive/compulsive behaviors.

To schedule an appointment for personal discipleship counseling, you may call 850-860-4757.  You will be requested to sign an Informed Consent form and also complete the Personal Information form prior to your first appointment as this will save time and the first appointment can proceed more efficiently.  These forms can be printed out from the website and completed prior to the first appointment.  You may bring the forms with you to the first appointment, or you may e-mail them via the Contact Page.  Or, of course, you may wait and complete the forms at the office, whichever is more convenient.

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