LifeSavior Ministries, Inc. (LSMI) is a non-profit counseling and teaching ministry dedicated to sharing Christ as Life.  The ministry was incorporated in 2005 and is an associate of Grace Fellowship International, a ministry founded by Dr Charles Solomon over 40 years ago.  The founders of LSMI, Webster and Gail Davault, had been Christians for many years when they discovered these truths in 1998 through an encounter with Dr. Solomon.   Their lives were completely revolutionized and this led them on a journey to understand more about this incredible message and why so many Christians don’t seem to learn to appropriate their resources in Christ until they are in the midst of a crisis.  This journey included Gail leaving a full-time job to attend Luther Rice Seminary to obtain a master’s degree in Discipleship Counseling.

One conclusion reached is that many churches are focused on the Great Commission of sharing Christ with the world and leading the lost to Christ.  This, of course, is appropriate.  However, once these folks are led to receive Christ as their savior, many times they are not led on in their journey to experience Him as Lord and Life.  Thus the duplication effect sought after in the church is one of immature Christians leading the lost into immaturity in Christ as well.  Thus the church does not experience the level of power that Scripture speaks of to effect the dramatic changes needed in Christians’ lives to actually live the Christian life.  Since the only One who has ever been able to live that life is Christ Himself, it behooves us to learn how to experience His empowerment by allowing Him to live His life through us.  Then the mind renewal and the healing of damaged emotions resulting from living in a fallen world have a firm basis on which to take place.

Gail_gfi  LSMI is dedicated to helping Christians move forward in their journey to realize their true identity in Christ, allow the Holy Spirit dwelling within them to apply the Cross of Christ to their flesh, thus enabling them to walk with more consistency after the Spirit, as Paul the apostle discussed in his letter to the Romans, in the New Testament.  Those with life-long struggles with low self-esteem and other issues have an answer in the gospel for the believer.  Which is, of course, the same (the only) gospel.  We usually understand that Christ died to forgive us of our sins.  This is the gospel for the unbeliever.  However, the gospel for the believer is that not only did Christ die to forgive us of our sins but we died with Him to the power of Sin in our lives.  This, when reckoned on with some measure of consistency allows us to enter into the victory experientially.

“For whosoever would save his life shall lose it:   and whosoever shall lose his life for my sake shall find it.” – Matthew 16:25

About Gail


  • M.A. in Discipleship Counseling Luther Rice Seminary
  • Grace Fellowship International training events
  • Grace Ministries International training events & internship

Affiliation: Grace Fellowship International Associate

Husband: Webster Davault

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